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Bolls Heating & Cooling: Heat Pump & Heating Maintenance Plan in Bloomington, Carmel, Fishers, Greenwood, Indianapolis, IN

Bolls Total Comfort Service Plan

You can relax with the Bolls Total Comfort Service Plan, knowing that your heating and cooling system is properly maintained, year after year, extending product life and increasing energy efficiency while assuring your total personal comfort every day.


Comfort cannot be taken for granted. The Bolls Total Comfort Service Plan includes two seasonal maintenance visits per year to assure that your equipment will operate efficiently and reliably all year. Better yet, Bolls will call you to schedule your appointments – one less thing for you to worry about.

Same Day Response

As a Bolls Total Comfort Service Plan customer, you are guaranteed same day service on service calls if you call us before 12:00pm. If you call after 12:00pm and we cannot get to you on the schedule for that same day, you will be placed at the head of the line on the following day.

Repairs and Service Calls

Unlike most other service agreements offered around town, repairs are completely covered under a Bolls Total Comfort Service Plan – parts and labor. In the unlikely event that one of the system components fails, like an in-warranty air conditioning compressor or a furnace heat exchanger, the Bolls Total Comfort Service Plan will still step in with special labor rate reductions only offered to Total Comfort Service Plan members. Total Comfort Service Plan members also receive exclusive offers and discounts on accessory installations and system replacements. Please call us to ask a Bolls team member about full coverage details and pricing.

Quality Technicians and Installers

Our team is comprised of the industry’s best technicians. You can trust our professional team to do the job right whether it’s maintenance, replacement or installation. That’s how we can confidently assure you that your protected system will achieve peak performance year in and year out.

Total Comfort Service Plan Savings!

Service Plan customers are not charged for parts or labor, even on these common system repairs and services.

Service Normal Cost With Plan
Fan Motor and Blade $435 $0
Indoor Blower Motor $360 $0
Furnace Circuit Board $375 $0
Thermostat Replacement $345 $0
Gas Valve $575 $0
Pre-season Maintenance $119 $0

*Prices shown are based on examples. Actual cost to those not participating in the Total Comfort Service Plan may vary.

+ Major equipment may not be covered.

Call for complete details.

ac-heating-maintenance-serviceTotal Comfort Service Plan Benefits

  • Free Parts+
  • Free Labor+
  • Free Service Visits
  • Scheduled Maintenance Visits
  • Ensures Peak Performance
  • Saves Energy
  • Maximizes Life of System
  • Same Day Service

The Bolls Heating & Cooling Total Comfort Service Plan is provided complimentary on all newly installed equipment for a full year.

Our comprehensive plan includes:

  • Semi-Annual Maintenance
  • Free Service Calls for necessary repairs
  • Replacement or repair of parts at no additional cost, including*:

*Replacement of the unit itself and the following major components are not covered as they are usually not repairable: Heat exchanger, duct systems, evaporator or condensing coils, boiler radiators and plumbing, compressor, obsolete parts on obsolete equipment, flues

Our plan also includes:

  • Priority Service: Our Total Customer Service Plan Customers ALWAYS come first!
  • Checking & Cleaning Outdoor Air Conditioner
  • Checking & Cleaning of Indoor Equipment
  • Checking Thermostat & System Operation
  • Checking & Cleaning Furnace Heat Exchanger
  • Perform Safety Inspections

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