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Quality equipment is the foundation of cool comfort in homes and businesses, but even the best equipment fails to live up to expectations with subpar installations. Whether you’re upgrading an inefficient system, planning a remodel or replacing old equipment, Bolls Heating & Cooling offers expert installations for both commercial and residential HVAC applications. With nearly seven decades of experience, Bolls is the name to know when it comes to smart, efficient air conditioning system installations.

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Engineered installations by Bolls Heating & Cooling


An HVAC system represents a substantial investment. Maximizing the return on your investment requires not only an understanding of your needs but also requires a comprehensive knowledge of the various systems. Understanding their abilities ensures you get the system you need to get the job done for years to come.

While total square footage is an obvious factor in determining system selection, there’s a lot more to consider than the size of the home or commercial facility. Considerations include ventilation, air circulation, indoor air quality including oxygen replenishment, hydration, dehydration and more. Our team of experts makes sure your system achieves the highest possible SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) for your home to reduce your monthly power costs and maintain total comfort.

The professional Installation Engineers at Bolls Heating & Cooling are trained to consider all the variables involved in selecting the right system. From new construction to remodels as well as system removal and replacements, they have years of experience in designing system installations that meld seamlessly with your business or home.


Whether you’re adding on, remodeling, building your dream home or improving your commercial property, the professional Installation Engineers at Bolls Heating & Cooling can make sure that your new HVAC system is the perfect fit. From ductwork to system placement as well as the addition of comfort accessories, our team works with your team to ensure the job is done according to specs, on time and on budget. From initial design to installation you can count on Bolls!


Bolls Heating & Cooling offers the latest in energy efficient systems designed for comfort, durability and maximum performance. Our systems deliver optimum efficiency, humidity control and comfort, whether it’s 78F or 98F. Each system comes with a comprehensive warranty to ensure worry-free performance.

As an added bonus, you receive our Total Comfort Service Plan for one full year at NO CHARGE on newly installed equipment!
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