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High Velocity Systems

Space-saving Solution for Total Home Comfort

High Velocity Systems by Bolls Heating & Cooling

Regardless of the type of home or facility you have, Bolls Heating & Cooling can provide an HVAC system solution that keeps things comfortable year round…even in older buildings and homes where installation of a traditional system would be prohibitive due concerns about maintaining architectural integrity.

One of the most innovative and effective solutions is a High Velocity System.  High Velocity heating and cooling systems take up only a third of the space of conventional systems, making them ideal when space is limited.

Maintain the Integrity of Your Décor

Rather than rely on bulky in-window units or visible baseboard radiators, a High Velocity System provides all the comfort you want without being visually invasive.  In addition, the flexible ducts used with a High Velocity System can be installed almost anywhere.  They can be snaked through existing holes in walls and floors, thus eliminating the need for any renovations.

Less Drafts Means Even Temperatures

Conventional systems push huge amounts of air into a room at once.  This is especially noticeable in large areas and leads to uneven temperatures.   High Velocity Heating and Cooling Systems eliminate this problem by using suction to create a gentle stream of air that circulates through rooms, resulting in an even distribution of heated or cooled air.

Save Electricity with High Velocity Systems

Smaller ducts reduce leakage generally associated with other systems. The flexible ductwork of a High Velocity System enables installations with fewer seams and reduces the possibility of leaks. That means more heated or cooled air gets to the room and less is lost through ductwork, and THAT saves you money.

Small Enough to Install Almost Anywhere

A High Velocity System puts the comfort where you want it. The special design reduces the overall size without compromising performance or efficiency. From attics to basements to closets, a High Velocity System can be installed almost anywhere.

Reduce Humidity with High Velocity Systems

That’s right: a High Velocity System removes up to 30% more humidity than a traditional air conditioning system. Draft-free temperatures, less humidity and ease of installation make High Velocity Systems the perfect choice for homes built without central air conditioning and where installation space is a major concern.

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