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Hydronic Heat & Boilers

Consistent, Comfortable, Efficient

Hydronic Heating by Bolls Heating & Cooling

Hydronic Heating is use of water or steam to transfer heat.  It is one of the most practical and efficient ways to heat your home.  Hydronic heating systems pump heated boiler water or steam through sealed systems that warm baseboards, radiators, in-floor radiant tubing and other hydronic devices.  These devices radiate heat outward throughout the room for an even distribution of comfortable heat.

A Clean and Quiet Way to Heat

With no fans or blowers, there’s less dust and allergens found in homes that use Hydronic Heat.  Heat is transferred by convection and radiation so the air isn’t ‘moving’.  The absence of fans and blowers results in a quieter system, eliminating mechanical noise as well as the sound of air moving throughout ductwork.  The clean and quiet operation of Hydronic Heat makes it perfect for hospitals and schools as well as homes with residents who suffer with air-borne allergies.

VERY Efficient

Hydronic systems are designed to put heat exactly where it is needed.  Since hot water or steam travels through a completely sealed system of pipes there is little energy wasted.  This results in a highly focused and efficient delivery that saves you money.

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