Heating & Cooling Services in Indianapolis & Bloomington

Heating solutions in Carmel, Fishers, Indianapolis IN

A proper heating system is essential when you live in areas with severe weather and extreme temperatures. Bolls Heating and Cooling can help you with the best heating and cooling solution for your home in Bloomington IN, Carmel IN, Fishers IN, Greenwood IN or Indianapolis.

There are different heating solutions such as heat pumps and furnaces. You get gas heating systems, electric systems, dual fuel as well as radiant heat and oil options. So, which heating solution is right for you? The heating engineers and experts at Bolls will be able to help you with that answer.

Let’s start with gas heating options. Forced air gas furnaces offer variable and multi-speed blower options. Multi-speed blowers usually have 4 available settings that are set by the installation technicians. Variable speed blowers offer a smart solution in that the speed is automatically adjusted according to indoor temperature.

Gas furnaces are often combined with central air conditioning systems. This configuration enable you to have effective cooling during summer and proper heating during winter.

Heat pumps can also be a good solution. Electric operated heat pumps can perform both heating and cooling. Heat pumps use a refrigeration cycle that offers greater efficiency and they don’t require gas or oil. Electric heaters can be used to supplement a gas furnace and to provide heat for specific rooms.

You can also opt for a dual fuel solution. For example, you could use a gas furnace as well as a heat pump. Heat pumps are better suited for mild climates. However, when you combine a gas furnace with a heat pump, you can benefit from the efficiency of the heat pump. When temperatures drop below the heat pumps capability, that gas furnace can take over.

It is always a good idea to get expert advice regarding the best heating and cooling solutions for your home or business.