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High Velocity Systems in Indianapolis

Tight on Space? We Have a Total Comfort Solution.

Keep your home or commercial property comfortable all year round with a high velocity system. This unique heating and cooling system is efficient and can be installed almost anywhere. Our Indianapolis heating and cooling professionals have extensive experience repairing and installing high velocity systems and can recommend the best make and model for your home.

At Bolls Heating & Cooling, our main objective is to provide exceptional service and installations at a fair price. Integrity and honesty are core values of our company, so our technicians deliver quality work without trying to sell you on repairs or products you don’t need.

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The Benefits of a High Velocity System

No matter the size of your home or the year it was built, a high velocity system can meet your heating and cooling needs.

A high velocity system provides:

  • Versatile installation: These units are about a third of the size of your average air conditioner and can be placed in a closet, an attic, or a basement. With this system, you can maintain the architectural integrity of your home while still enjoying heating and air conditioning in Indianapolis.
  • Aesthetic integrity: Flexible ductwork can be snaked through existing holes in your house, so there is no need for costly renovations or "gutting." Also, this system is easier to hide than a baseboard radiator or a bulky window unit. It can be retrofitted into a vintage home or easily incorporated into a new construction.
  • Even temperatures all year long: Traditional HVAC units blast temperature-controlled air into a room for a short amount of time. A high velocity system evenly distributes a steady stream of warm or cool air. This reduces drafts and keeps temperatures even.
  • Energy savings: Large air ducts lose air in transit, resulting in excessive amounts of energy loss. The small ducts in a high velocity system reduce the amount of leakage, which means your unit doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you happy.
  • Reduced humidity: High velocity systems remove up to 30% more humidity than your average AC unit to keep your air clean.
  • Quiet performance: The supply tubing on this system is engineered with a nylon core that absorbs sound and the air handlers are equipped with closed-cell insulation for silent operation.

The Only Unico® Contractor in Indiana

Unico® is a leading name in high velocity systems. We are proud to say that we are the only Unico® preferred contractor in the state of Indiana. Our comfort advisors are fully trained to install these systems and are iSeries qualified by Unico®. All Unico® products come with an unbeatable 15-year warranty.

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