Importance Of Regular AC Maintenance & Repairs

For a Longer Air Conditioner Lifespan

There are some mechanical jobs that most homeowners can do on their own, but with regards to maintaining and repairing an AC system, it is best to leave it in the hands of a professional such as Bolls Heating and Cooling. Having been in this industry for a good number of years, our technicians are highly skilled and trained and can thus handle all forms of AC repair works right from cleaning moving parts and coils to inspecting electrical connection and motors and much more. We provide all-inclusive maintenance checks as well as a tune-up work. People residing in and around Indianapolis can make the most of our services.

The Bolls Heating and Cooling Difference

When you hire our experts for the maintenance and repair of your AC you can benefit in the following ways, namely,

  • With an AC that is well maintained, you can welcome the summer months with the confidence of not requiring to make emergency repair calls. Annual maintenance and repair will offer you with a more reliable system.
  • If your air conditioning unit is repaired and maintained from time to time it will help in retaining about 95% of the efficiency rating of its service life.
  • Talking about service life, your air conditioning unit may last somewhere between 12 to 15 years before requiring a replacement. Yet this is only possible when your AC has regular professional repair and maintenance. Inspections and tune-ups are done through our experts on a regular basis will help your unit in provide the best ROI.
  • Nobody wishes to spend additionally every year in having their air conditioner repaired. So to experience fewer repair issues, join hands with our repair and maintenance team as soon as possible.

We are available both online and over the phone. You can call us at (317) 830-3010. Hurry, book your appointment today.

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